Friday, October 31, 2008

this wll take me a long time

i am a slow learner since i have gotten old----had heck of a time figuring how to write new post. clicked next blog at top of page and got picture of some cats, along with text in chinese. i am afraid i have lost somefriends. when i read each new blog i attempted to enter it in my favorites--each time i got message that i already had an item by that name----so some of the blogs/journals i added a number to them---those i can pull up---if i did not, you have vanished. if anyone finds me---please make it so i can find you. barb
well, i am back---maybe---my 1st try at a 2nd entry had me giving my name, password etc. all over again. i hope that will not be the way we have to go.i am now home alone and it is creepy--so many sounds in the night that i don't hear when jerry is home. no fun cooking either--am cleaning cupboards and washing clothes--not too much fun in either of those, but have to get done before we head south for the winter.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I think I am here?????

this is the 2nd post i have made---don't know where the 1st one went. don't know where my aol journal went---i don't think it transferred. i am tired of the entire process and just plain tired anyhow. husband and sons off to the hunting shack and i am home alone for several days---going to sleep late in am---i hope!!