Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gathering dust

yes, that is about how i feel. seems like days go so fast and nothing gets accomplished. we have been home for a month and i have only been upstairs a few times. sleeping in the den is nice in a way. if i can't sleep i can watch TV. there are some funny shows, mostly infomercials in the middle of the night. i know all about the sludge that is plastered on your colon, all the treatments for ED, how to lose your belly fat, and how to cut tomatoes.

we hope to take the trailer out for a couple days this week. next week we both have doctor appointments and i have physical therapy--fun fun!! this aging is for the birds--never saw so many doctors--even when i was working with them---well maybe not exactly true.
excuse lack of caps---left hand still not working too well. i have to do the old one finger typing.
i miss reading so many journals that i read in jland. i really hope to get back to "the journey" soon. it is hard to think about sometimes.