Friday, June 5, 2009


Minnesota is unusually cold this year. so much so that i would just as soon go back to Texas.
We have not been able to take the trailer out so far. Jerry says we are this next week---no matter the weather, we are going to Itasca State park, where the Mississippi River starts.. we can stay in the camper and play cards and eat at the lodge if nothing else. we both have been having doctor appointments, physical therapy for me---to get my strength back they say----don't know how strong i need to be. we are more or less free til July 2nd when Jerry has a Mayo Clinic appointment for his ears. we will stay with our daughter and her family---we haven't seen them since November--so that will be nice---oh, oh, we did see them for couple hours when they came for Jerry's birthday--but I was in the hospital then.
we have been going out for breakfast almost daily and then going for a ride, playing at least one game of dominoes every afternoon too. life goes on, our sons drop in frequently and so do some of the grandsons. the cookies and pop disappear very rapidly.

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