Monday, November 10, 2008

another quiet day

soon i am going to have to turn on the energy and get some house work done before Jerry comes home and asks what i have been doing!!
i was going to sleep upstairs tonight, but since i have a TV here in the den , i stayed here. it is handy when i wake up so often at night to turn it on and let it lull me back to sleep.once in a while there is a good movie, but most of the late nite stuff is infomercials. didn't know there was so much makeup,exercise machines, and cooking equipment.jack lalanne still on with his juicer---almost tempted to get one and quit cooking all together!! i remember when he was on 50 years ago and i tried doing his exercises each am with my kids. wish i had kept it up.
well it is 1am, no matter what time will be put on here--so need to get to bed--
oh, yes, forgot to say that daughter in law went to Chinese buffet and brought me huge take out of food and big container of the sweet and sour and hot soup!! enough for couple days. hubby and boys called tonight--one deer gotten and several seen.
nite nite

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Janie said...

I stay up late at night but usually on the computer. I don't watch much TV. Hubby goes to be at 10 p.m. every night. I need to be signing off soon tonight. Hope you had a great rest. Janie