Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday am 1:31 am

I put the time in the subject line cuz it always shows up wrong---there is no rhyme or reason--we are on CST and the time google says it is must be in some other country!!

Today i got up really early and did not much. son called on citizen band radio to tell me dad had forgotten a bunch of stuff. luckily youngest son was going up tonight so he picked up the stuff, plus the 22 enchiladas. i have a cake pan that holds 2 cake mixes--and it is full--so heavy i could hardly lift it out of the oven. they will set the pan on the top of the wood barrel stove to warm up.

i really planned to do laundry today---but will do later (really today--as it is SAT already).i try to get everything in the house washed while jerry is gone--blankets and all. that way we are ready to go south soon after he gets back. we have to be in southern MN for thanksgiving----and they already have snow---ugh. we will sneak out early the sunday after the holiday. jerry is always anxious to leave before daylight--i told him some time i would like to see that scenery in the light!!

oh,my, i am yawning so much can hardly see----so guess i better take my pills and get to bed---night all!!


Janie said...

Have you checked it to see if there is a daylight savings time? My computer was off on time and had to change it several times. lol I finally figured it out. Can not remember too much on the time for blogger but seems like there might be a time there for daylight savings time?? Hope you are feeling better. Blessings, Janie

lisa jo said...

i hate to do laundry. Well i hate to fold it all. I hate the cold too. You all will be cold when you leave, huh? XO

Marty said...

Hi Barb,
Wow ... no wonder you were tired, looks like you were up late blogging! Be well!