Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday 9:34 pm

Today was a good day---quiet for most of it, but nice anyhow.Since Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest I feel no guilt for doing nothing--haha.
I got up early as I knew my daughter in law would be calling to see if i wanted her to pick me up for church. I got ready, fixed my hair, which i had washed last nite and waited. sure enough she called and came and got me about 9;45.
smallest number in Church since we have been back---many of men and some families out deer hunting. Our new young pastor ---47, but that seems young to me--sang. it was the 1st time i have heard him and he has a beautiful voice!! He also preaches a terrific sermon. We are so lucky to have him. In the last 50 years we have had a couple that put you to sleep as soon as they started. My husband is hard of hearing---and also of understanding---so i have had to constantly jab him to at least look like he is listening!! I hope we can keep this pastor for the rest of our lives--which won't be too many years down the road.After church my two daughter in laws and grandaughter went out to lunch and a good visit. they brought me home and i had a nice nap in my chair!!

Son #1 called on his radio--to our phone last night---they had eaten all 22 of the enchiladas and enjoyed them. I wonder how many of them had heart burn during the night.
It is almost 10 so think I will turn in---maybe tomorrow i will accomplish a little around here.


Marty said...

Hi Barb,
Wow ... it sounded like you were making A LOT of enchiladas, so I'm guessing they must be really good if they gobbled them all up like that!

Paula said...

We had a second service today to honor the veterans and after dinner on the ground I had to keep punching John too.

Anonymous said...

well your day sounded like a good that I would enjoy was almost identical to mine here in Kentucky LOLOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora