Sunday, November 2, 2008

confusion remains intact

oh, my goodness---what next?? I think i have a computer like no one else has--why are not my buttons in the same place as my teacher's? i have been chasing around the computer searching for the time changer---time is correct in the right hand corner---but the time put on blog entries and comments is wrong--EST is only 1 hour ahead of us, but shows 3 hours different. guess it doesn't really make any difference--so will ignore that one---

A lady named Ora wrote me a nice comment and Iwould like to email or visit her journal-as she
asked but how do I find her??---if she is here again, please let me know how to.

Marty, you are the sweetheart of all in the way you have tried to help me. you keep me laughing with your blogs and comfort me with your prayers and empathy. if your parents were not still in the picture i would adopt you!!!

Paula and Janie, you were both szuch a help during this transition time.

what a nice bunch of people i have met in here!! God bless you all-----barb



Anonymous said...

Hi Barb....glad you enjoyed my comment...if you click on my name...or my picture in your "followers" should be able to find me...looking forward to seeing you around...have a wonderful day...God Bless...hugs..Ora

Paula said...

People here are just "the best" aren't they?