Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to just the two of us

Kids left at 3:30am yesterday---since then we have been cleaning, washed 8 sheets and at least two million towels, plus all the stuff that didn't get done last week.it was so nice having them here. they went to the beach, to Mexico, to all the malls and army surplus stores, we ate in and out, had so many snacks, candy, cheese balls etc.went to church on Sunday and they asked our daughter in law to play for the service (piano) and our son to have the prayer. our kids and grand kids all have no qualms to pray aloud in public---and what is nice you can hear them!

yesterday we took time to pull a "Paula" ----we took a ride. we ate breakfast at a Whataburger" and when we left J erry said, "lets just drive north and see where we get to"---so we did---and we turned west and east and saw farms and animals and sugar cane fields being burned and lots of beautiful houses and lots of very poor shacks, falling down ,places where people lived and more. I finally got out the Garmin" and put our home address in and it led us home. those are amazing things.

today I had a wonderful surprise---the cable worked---I have been on dial up and it is so slow, I hate it.

I have to write a Christmas letter and send it to all the ones who sent us cards---they are still coming. I just didn't feel well enough to do the cards this year. I usually have them addressed in November.


Anonymous said...

Oh Barb...the memories you have created and made this past week will be a joy forever..I know it is hard work having folks in..entertaining...letting things go...and now having to get it all back in order...but the memories!!! wish I could be there to help out...but alas..Kentucky is a fur piece from Texas!!! LOL...take care...God Bless your New Year...hugs...Ora

Marty said...

Hi Barb,
Glad to hear that the visit with the family went well. Have a happy, healthy New Year!

Paula said...

Isn't it fun to just drive and see where you end up and what you see? Whata burgers are good too. Real beef.

Liz in Virginia said...