Monday, December 15, 2008

weather changes

was 85 today--beautiful---we sat on the deck and played dominoes---then "bang" it dipped to 40---to get to the 30's tonight. had left over soup tonight for 3rd nite in a row---getting better every time--haha--really it is. last nite added some beans and tonight a little more cabbage and tomato juice and can of corn. reminded me if when jerry was in the army out on manuvers and i made some soup with hamberger for myself and kept it on the back burner--had it for a couple days and then neighbor came over---her hubby was gone too---she ate the whole pot of soup!!

pollen of some sort must be in the air--been coughing and wheezing all day and haven't done that in a long time. tomorrow comes early---have minnesota breakfast to go to--so will say good night.

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