Friday, December 19, 2008


son called---they are leaving home at 3am--they hope to stay in norman, oklahoma and be here sunday----have been busy all day--washing, cleaning ,cooking.the tree is up.mother will soon be down. we cleaned out 4 drawers so they can unpack and put their suitcases in the shed. hopefully they will not be bring so many toys as they did when they were younger. and not so many clothes----i tell our guests that we do have awasher and dryer, so they don't need much. this is a verrrrrry small house. praying for nice weather so we can eat and be out on the deck a lot. in the am just have the clean linen to put on our bed----we always give up our bed and sleep in the living room.will wash the bedspread in the am too. right now gonna look at africam and see a few animals---and then to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy the company!! Merry Christmas...Ora in KY