Monday, December 8, 2008

no sleep tonight

just can't seem to get comfortable tonight. only things that don't hurt are my knees and my left foot!! and when I can't sleep my mind goes round and round, remembering things, thinking of things I need to do---like the Christmas letter and addressing cards, ordering something from LL Beans for hubby, calling insurance company to take insurance off the old car that we left home in the garage,making doctor appointments or the two of us, opening new bank account because I got in a huff and closed the one we had because an employee mistakenly told me 10,000 dollars was the minimum amount we should keep in the checking account and charged us 6 dollars because we didn't. (i wish i had gotten his name---but i did write the bank at the time---and they never wrote back---grrrrrrr. I took two tylenol, but they didn't do a thing, even counted steps--nothing---but it is after 2am and have so much to do in the morning that I better at least lie down again. I hear jerry getting up to go for his 3 mile walk around the park---stupid time I know--but if he is awake around now he goes "to get it over with"-----maybe with him out of the bed I might get to sleep before he gets back!


Marty said...

Hi Barb,
I hope you finally got to sleep. Personally, I didn't sleep either ... was stuck on an airplane for 13 hours behind a nincomPOOP.

Paula said...

When I have a night like that I'm so tired the next day. Glad you got back to Texas safely.

Anonymous said...

Hi..hope you got a little sleep..I find that when my mind runs away with me when I cannot sleep..sitting up and making a list of things I have to do..makes me sleepy LOLOL...or let me get on this computer..cannot keep eyes open LOL...I just cannot lay abed when I can't I grab a quilt..head for a comfy chair..and fall asleep...bang LOL!!!!! hope you have a happy day...God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY